BC Rich Bass Guitars

BC Rich Revege Warlock Electric Bass Guitar

BC Rich Revege Warlock Electric Bass Guitar

The rumbling bass tone from BC Rich's Revenge Warlock is here to settle the score with inferior bass guitar designs. Built using a strong basswood body with a flat top, this rendition of the Warlock Bass features a bolt on neck, trademark widow headstock, Chrome hardware and a BC Rich humbucker to rattle the interior of the jam space of your choosing. BC Rich Revenge Warlock Features Basswood Body with a Flat Top Bolt-on Neck Construction 24 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard BC Rich Bass Humbucker Pickup Die cast tuners and Adjustable Stop Bridge Flat Top Some of the BC Rich shapes are offered with a flat top. The flat top styling gives a bold and pristine look to the edge of the instrument's shape. Usually when the flat top feature is used, BC Rich adds a stripe of single or multi-ply binding around the edge in a complementary color. The binding on a flat top finishes off the edge cleanly and gives a sleek and clean look to the instrument. Bolt-on Construction A number of BC Rich guitars use a classic Bolt-on construction. On these instruments a neck (typically maple) is bolted on with 4 screws to the body. This construction offers some added flexibility in the instruments adjustment and provides the option to change the neck in the future. BC Rich Bass Pickups All BC Rich imported bass guitars are equipped with either passive or active EQ BC Rich bass pickups. These factory BC Rich pickups give a good solid response across the bass spectrum eliminating unwanted muddy undertones. With the active EQ circuit (9 volt battery required), the clarity and attack are boosted. The center detent tone pots give the player a wider range of sweeping tone control to provide the maximum low end clarity and power.

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