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Krank Krankenstein Jr. 50W Tube Guitar Amp HeadKrank Krankenstein Jr. 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head

The 50W Jr. version of Dimebag Darrell's mighty Krankenstein+ amp is one of the most asked for products by Krank amp users, and this mini version certainly captures its big brother's tone. Using the same tone circuit that was developed with Dime, the Krankenstein Jr. tube amp head offers all of his signature sound at lower wattages. For the home or studio, it's a great choice for high-gain sound at lower volumes, and powerful enough for a club gig. The Krankenstein Jr. head features include a 3-band EQ, parametric mid-sweep, gain, footswitchable Dime and Kleen channels, tube driven active effects loop, Ohm selector and voltage selector for worldwide use.Krank amplifiers have been gracing stages of all sizes around the world since 2003. Users include a who's who of music heavyweights such as Dimebag Darrell, Metallica, Fall Out Boy, Toby Keith, Shadows Fall, The Offspring, Blue October, and so many more, all being certifiable Krank addicts. Two channel, footswitchable 50W head Preamp three 12AX7 tubes, power section two Sovtek 5881 tubes Krank channel: sweep control, 3 band eq, gain, master, Kleen channel: volume, 2 band eqActive effects loop, 8 and 16 Ohm selector, worldwide voltage use, footswitch included

Krank Krankenstein + Krpbk00 120W Tube Guitar Amp HeadKrank Krankenstein + Krpbk00 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Here comes the upgraded version of the Krankenstein, the Krankenstein +. The amp designed by the legendary Dimebag Darrell, the Krankenstein + has bigger, upgraded transformers and 6550 tubes in the power section. This amplifier has always been known for it's "go for the throat" high gain sound. Now it's been taken to the next level, 120W of massive tone! The "Dime" channel features a 3-band EQ, volume, 2 footswitchable masters, gain, and parametric sweep control while the "Kleen" channel features a 3-band EQ and volume. Also unique to this amp head is an overall volume control for the entire amp as well as a global presence control. Other features include an active effects loop, ohm and voltage selectors, line out, manual channel switch.Upgraded transformers6550 power tubes120W2 Channels3-band EQ on each channel Overall volume controlGlobal presence controlActive effects loopOhm and voltage selectorsLine outManual channel switch

Krank Chadwick 2-Channel Amp Black Black GrillKrank Chadwick 2-Channel Amp Black Black Grill

The Chadwick is a "fully Kranked" version of the classic British tube amp ala JMP/AC-30, but with more tone and more muscle. This baby pumps out 50W of classic tube tone laced with incredible harmonic overtones and warmth. The Clean channel is big and fat with clarity and power and features both Volume and Gain controls so you can dial up anything from perfectly clean to a sparkly rhythm.The Drive channel features 3 gain stages (variable Gain, switchable Drive, and Volume) with a very trick Envelope circuit that creates a punchy overdrive similar to output tube distortion when turned up and an icy tight brittle sound when turned down. Both channels feature very smooth Bass, Mid, and Treble EQ controls that enhance your sound rather than change it. Any player from classic rock to hard country will love this amp. The Chadwick is a great match for the Revolution 4 X 12 cabinet with four Eminence V12 legend speakers.The Chadwick in detail:GainThis controls the amount of distortion or overdrive generated at the front end of the preamp section. DriveThis adds gain in the middle of the preamp for more distortion and overdrive. Pushing the Drive switch in increases the gain in the circuit.EnvelopeThis controls the amount of gain in the last stage of the preamp. Turned down, the envelope will sound cool and bright. Increasing the Envelope will increase sustain and make the amp sound a bit softer. It's best to start in the middle and check out both directions with this control. Note that if either the Gain or the Envelope is turned all the way down the amp will make no sound.ShiftThis switches the tone of the Drive channel between one of two preset values. In the "out" or "off" position the circuit flows normally through the EQ section. Pushed in and activated, Shift allows more mids and lows through the circuit and makes the tone controls slightly less active. Simply put the Shift control switches between Classic Tube and a Modified Tube amp. Krank thought both sounded great and so gives you both options to let you choose what suits your style best. Speaker Outputs 16, 8, and 4 ohmsLine out2 premium Sovtek 5881 power tubes4 ElectroHarmonix 12AX7 preamp tubesActive/Passive series effects loop with volume control

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