Marshall Bass Amps


Marshall MB15 Bass Guitar Combo AmplifierMarshall MB15 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

Marshall MB15 Bass Combo Amplifier; It May be Small, But it Will Still Wake the Neighbors! Packing a punch with its mere 15 watts of power through an 8 inch speaker, The MB15 is the perfect compact combo amp for the artist who knows what an amp should sound like. Pros know that when it comes to tone, Marshall is a trusted advisor. Use for practice or small stages and take advantage of its dual channels, built-in EQ and compression and voice control functionality you don't usually get from an amp of this size. Marshall MB15 Features 8 inch Speaker with 15 watts of Driving Power Emulated DI output Dual Channel Operation Built in Compression and Limiting 3 -band EQ with Adjustable Mid-Voicing

Marshall MB30 Bass Guitar Combo AmplifierMarshall MB30 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

Marshall MB15 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier; Compact Design with Huge Marshall Bass Tone! Dual channel operation with 30 watts of power through a 10 inch speaker, there's no getting around how much Marshall brings to the plate when they design an amp. The MB series of Marshall Bass amps brings that aggressive growl that bass players love. Featuring 2 channels, you can switch between a more modern or vintage bass tone for the bass player who needs options. Marshall MB30 Features 30 Watts of Power Through a Single 10 inch Woofer Emulated DI Line Out for Easy Connection to a PA 3-Band EQ with Three Mid Voicing Options Switchable Modern and Vintage Channels Switchable Compression to Even Out Your Tone Includes a One-Way Footswitch

Marshall MB4410 Bass Guitar Combo AmplifierMarshall MB4410 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

The big daddy of bass combo amps has to be the Marshall MB4410! It's big enough to sound monstrous, yet transportable enough to fit in the car. The 450 Watt bass combo houses 4x10 inch speakers, and an HF horn. The Marshall MB 4410 bass combo booms with low frequency bottom-end. It features 2 channels, Modern and Classic, with a separate EQ for each channel. Modern features include bass, treble, parametric mid and switchable compressor with variable level control. The Classic channel with its ECC83 pre-amp valve includes a Boost switch and has a 3-band passive tone network. You can mix the MB4410 amp's 2 channels either from the front panel or from the supplied 2-way footswitch. The overall volume of the blend is adjustable in addition to the balance between the 2 channels.


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