VOX Guitar Amps


Vox AGA150 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The VOX AGA150 is the new flagship of the VOX acoustic amp line and delivers an impressive 150 watts of power plus an all new tweeter to satisfy the most demanding acoustic musician in almost any scenario. Ideal for the acoustic performer, the AGA Series of VOX Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers are designed to perfectly project the subtle resonances and sweet, mellow tones of an acoustic instrument. The AGA series amps provide stereo line inputs that can accept the signal from a keyboard or other musical instrument even a multi-track recorder. Use the AUX input and connect an MP3 player or other audio source to enjoy a jam session. The DI (balanced XLR) output offers a convenient way to send your sound to a larger PA system without using a direct box, and still allowing the AGA150/70 to control your mix. The Tuner output is always active, even when the main output is muted for silent tuning between songs and sets. The Anti-Feedback control minimizes acoustic feedback, making these a good choice as a stage monitor. The optional VFS2 provides footswitch control of the Effect Bypass or All Mute functions, offering great flexibility during a live performance. VOX AGA150 Features Acoustic instrument amplifier featuring two channels: Normal and Tube Pre Each channel offers two inputs: Guitar (phone) and Mic (XLR) Lo-Z and Hi-Z level switch on each input; Mic inputs can provide phantom power Tube Pre channel is equipped with a 12AU7 vacuum tube, producing a warm and natural sound Three-band EQ on each channel: Bass, Middle, Treble COLOR feature provides convenient single-knob control of the overall sound, emphasizing a wide range of performance techniques from picking arpeggios to strumming chords High quality effects are provided for each channel; selectable Chorus and variable Reverb Anti-Feedback control suppresses acoustic feedback Two-way speaker system features a full-range VOX 6.5' speaker plus a separate tweeter Using a power amp module provided by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower a/s, the AGA150 produces a super clean and powerful sound Stereo mini-jack MP3/CD input for jamming along, or for use as a portable PA system DI output (balanced XLR) is available for using the AGA with a larger sound system; a tuner output is also provided Optional VFS2 provides footswitch control of the Effect Bypass and All Mute features Two-channel Acoustic Amp Ideal for the acoustic performer, the AGA Series of VOX Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers is now led by the new AGA150. Rippling with power, this 150 Watt acoustic guitar amp is designed to perfectly project the subtle resonances and sweet, mellow tones of an acoustic instrument.

VOX AC1 RhythmVox Miniature Battery Powered Electric Guitar Amplifier

Ultra-small mini amps have gained great popularity as first amps or practice amps. Their highly cost-effective price allows them to be purchased casually as an accessory. The convenience of battery power and their space-saving ease of use only add to their appeal. Many professional guitarists like these amps for warming up in the dressing room. The casual guitarist may enjoy keeping a mini amp in the office, in the bedroom, or may carry one for inspired performing at any time. With the Vox AC1 already a member of the Vox lineup, the new AC1 RhythmVox adds a wealth of features never before seen on a mini amp - until now! In particular, the rhythm function rivals that of dedicated units, providing a total of 66 Rhythm/Song Patterns. The AC1 RhythmVox is a great choice not only as a first amp, but also as a warm-up amp on the road or in your rehearsal space, for practicing using the patterns as a metronome, or even as a rhythm box. It's sure to have a long and warm relationship with any guitarist. Vox AC1 RhythmVox Battery Powered Amplifier Features Battery powered ampĂ‚ supercharged with rhythm patterns and more Includes a total of 66 built-in Rhythm/Song Patterns One extended length additional song pattern Analog circuitry borrowed from the acclaimed amPlug series OVEDRIVE switch provides more sonic variation AUX IN jack for jamming along to your favorite tunes using your CD/MP3 player Accurate and convenient, built-in E-string tuner Six AA alkaline batteries allow up to 26 hours of playing Headphone jack lets you concentrate on your playing, without disturbing those around you Powerful Rhythm Features As its name suggests, the AC1 RhythmVox is a guitar amp that includes some cool rhythm features. The ten Rhythm Patterns include not just standards such as 8 beat, 16 beat, and blues; but also funk, reggae, and even complex irregular patterns. There's also one song pattern containing an extended, multi-measure drum part. In addition, each Rhythm Pattern and Song Pattern provides six types of variation, for a total of 66 rhythm variations. Each of them boasts serious sound quality with excellent presence, allowing you to perform with a realistic drum backing. The tempo and volume of each rhythm pattern can be intuitively controlled, and you can quickly recall the rhythm pattern you want. The Rhythm section of the AC1 RhythmVox is both as a guide to help you keep the beat, and as a way to work out your original ideas and riffs. You can also use it as a rhythm trainer for practicing, and as accompaniment that you can enjoy jamming along with. Simply adding backing patterns will double your guitar playing enjoyment.


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