VOX Guitar Amps


Vox NT15H Night Train Guitar Amplifier Head

The Vox Night Train guitar amplifier head is for the musician on the go. Whether you are doing a late night demo, jamming with friends or laying down tracks, the Night Train is ready to deliver that smooth and satisfying all tube sound. The rock solid, no compromise all tube Vox Night Train head delivers that killer sound and total convenience. Free! 20 Foot ZZYZX SnapJack Cable! $38 Value! 24 carat gold plated connectors Neodymium Magnet Quick and easy separation Noise reduction technology 3 year warranty Please select #VOX NT15HPROMO. Vox Night Train Guitar Head Features Rock-solid, all-tube head that is made to travel. Uncompromising sound with two 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes. Selectable Bright or Thick mode switch provides EQ and Gain variations for just the right tone. Dual-power tube mode offers 15 watt (Pentode Power) or 7.5 Watt (Triode Tone) operation. Master Volume control preserves your gain settings at any playing level. Solid, industrial-chic mirror finish exudes tube coolness. Custom padded carry case is included. If Looks Could Kill Night Train is one sexy beast. Solid enough to inspire confidence, Night Train weighs less than seventeen pounds and the armored lunchbox dimensions provide extreme portability. Finished with a cool chrome mirror-finish, the signature VOX diamond design reveals that inspiring vacuum tube glow. And of course, the Night Train NT15H includes its own padded carry case to protect your investment. True Tube Power The sound is pure VOX. Inside, a pair of EL84 tubes deliver on the tube power promise. Two 12AX7 tubes drive the preamp stage with both power and clarity. This is the same winning tube complement as the classic VOX AC15. From chime-like clean tones to the warmest overdrive, there is no mistaking that harmonic richness of pure tube performance. Dual Nature A single switch lets you select between Pentode or Triode tube operation. In the Pentode mode, Night Train delivers a full 15 watts of power. In the Triode mode, the power is cut to 7.5 watts. The Triode mode also relaxes the tube power stage, letting that silky-smooth, mellow tube character shine through.

Vox V112NT Night Train Guitar Amplifier Extension Cabinet

Vox V112NT Night Train Guitar Amplifier Extension Cabinet; Compact yet full sounding! Specially voiced with a custom 12 inch Celestion Greenback, the Night Train 1x12 extension cabinet is designed to get more out of your VOX Night Train Amplifier Head. Just jack your guitar amplifier head into your V112NT cab and start playing you'll see what all the fuss is about. Manufactured to the highest standard at the VOX manufacturing facility, the sound of this new cabinet is second to none.


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