VOX Guitar Amps


Vox AC4TVH Guitar Amplifier Head
Vox AC4TVH Guitar Amplifier Head Modern Classic with a familiar face! After rolling out into the Market back in 1961,Vox' AC4 amplifier has returned once again to the nearly fifty years after its original release. Vox is has returned the AC4TVH all-tube mini practice stack with remarkable controls, up-to-date Class A version with distinctive EL84 power tube (like the original) and a 12AX7 powered pre-amp. Perfect for driving the optional V112TV speaker cabinet fitted with a custom-made Celestion 12 inch speaker. The sophisticated sound is unmistakably Vox, delivering that distinctively British top-end tone. Vox AC4TVH Features Affordable all-valve design TV front design first used on Vox' classic 1958 AC15 Switchable output levels 4, 1 and 1/4 Watts Quality vintage Vox styling 16 ohm speaker output Optional Matching V112TV Extension Cabinet Optional V112TV Extension Cabinet Simple and sexy, the AC4TVH wears its pedigree proudly. The cabinetry features the same TV front design first used on the classic 1958 AC15, and still in use on today's AC15H1TV Heritage Series. One of the challenges confronting an all-tube amp is retaining a full tone at lower volumes. To solve this issue, the AC4TVH features a built-in power attenuator, with 4 Watt, 1 Watt and 1/4 Watt output levels, ensuring you never lose that classic tube tone at even the lowest listening levels. These features enable the AC4TVH to deliver clean, crunch or wonderfully saturated overdrive for a range of sonic options that is unmistakably Vox. It's retro, it's chic, it's all-tube and it's all Vox.
Vox V112TV Guitar Amplifier Extension Cabinet for the ACTV4H
Vox V112TV Guitar Amplifier Extension Cabinet; A compact powerhouse cabinet with a retro design! Designed to fully compliment the tonality of the matching VOX AC4TV Head or Combo amplifier, the Vox V112TV 1x12 inch extension cabinet ensures the same Vox quality that has gained its reputation worldwide. Meeting the exacting standards for tone quality and reliability, the V112TV has been manufactured to the highest standard at the VOX manufacturing facility providing a purity of tone that is second to none.


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